Lightweight on the Surface, Powerful at the Core.

Notes, Todos, Reminders - everything you need in one handy App.

Available on all Platforms.

Dashboards & Whiteboards

Use Dashboards to arrange your snippets neatly on a column-based layout. Drag-and-drop snippets between columns and create as many columns and nested groups as you want.
Use Whiteboards for a more visual arrangement of your snippets. Connect snippets with lines to indicate relationships. Freely zoom in and out for a better overview.


Stay on top of your schedule with the integrated calendar.



Set up reminders in a few key strokes, or use the custom-made date-picker. Use repeat patterns for repeated reminders.


at 11 every 2nd Friday of the month at 11pm at 11:30 in two days in 2 weeks tomorrow at noon at three PM in 1 week on 1st of june next week on sunday at 8 in the evening on 1.6


Performed in-memory, it's blazing fast. Search results are compact and formatted.

Available on iOS
and Android.

Available on iOS and Android.

Other Features

Hyperlink Handling


YouTube Integration

Katex Integration

Always free, always private.

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