Lightweight on the Surface, Powerful at the Core.

The brand new Notes App with a focus on privacy.

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Offline First

Your data is cached on your local disk by default. Being online is optional.

Privacy First

You can choose how your data shall be synchronized. We support saving to the File System and will soon provide a web service, the Snip Cloud.

Different kinds of notes

Choose from different note types such as Rich Text, Code Snippets, Todo Lists and Sticky Notes

Write Markdown,
get Rich Text

Tags are Folders.
Folders are Tags.

Use tags in the classic sense, e.g. lists. Use a slash, like private / plans, to organize your content in a folder-like structure.

Quick Access

Links and Code Snippets are accessible instantly with the Cmd+K shortcut. Pressing Enter will copy the contents to your Clipboard.


Reminders can be set up easily with Snip's custom reminder language. Just express your preferred reminder date in words and hit Cmd+Enter to activate it.

Other Examples

at 11 every 2nd Friday of the month at 11pm at 11:30 in two days in 2 weeks tomorrow at noon at three PM in 1 week on 1st of june next week on sunday at 8 in the evening on 1.6


Lay out your work in front of you.


There's so much more to come.

Markdown Integration

Edit Rich Text Documents in the Markdown format.


Snip's documents are pluginized - any kind of snippet type is possible (e.g. Spread Sheets, embedded YouTube links, etc.).


Link documents inside other documents to create "Wiki Pages"-like content.


Share notes with your team, friends and family.

Media Upload

Store images, audio etc. in the cloud.

Native App

Use Snip on your Mobile Phone.


Access previous versions of your data.



Collect notes as you browse the web.


Compose a rich text document, then publish it as a blog post.